Entropay Online Casinos

Like the many online payment options that are available, EntroPay is also a payment gateway that is very often used by customers to pay for their purchases of goods and services. The method of paying is through the help of an EntroPay Visa Card. This mode of payment is totally legal and there is no risk of being associated with any money laundering risks provided the payment is only for a product or service and not for any unlawful or wrong purposes. Since casino players require a trustworthy and good payment mode, it is quite common to come across a number of entropay casinos who allow this mode of payment. You can find all the online Canadian casinos that accept Entropay as a payment option and get the latest bonus offers from them by following this link. This payment system has the approval and backing of Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom and hence the legality of this payment option is very well established. Hence the next time around if you are looking at a good payment option that is safe, secure and efficient you should certainly have a look at those entropay casinos which allow this type of payment.

Many people have a commonly held misunderstanding that when you pay to entropay casinos using EntroPay, you are actually doing a banking transaction with the help of a bank account. This is not true because unlike a bank account it is not possible to make a direct debit for withdrawals or direct credit for deposits. This card is built on the same lines as those of Visa Credit Card. Hence every time you make payment to entropay casinos you are doing it the same way as you would be doing with your credit card payments.

Opening an EntroPay account is very easy and it can be done online within a few seconds. However approval and issue of these visa cards may take time after going through the various credit investigation process. At the end of the day, it is quite right to say that when it comes to paying entropay casinos, this indeed is a very good option.